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-I am now caught up on reading the entire internet.

-Sleep last night was similar to the previous night: slept pretty hard for the first half of the night, slept fitfully the second half and couldn't quite get comfortable.

-I can walk more today than yesterday, although I am still feeling a good deal of discomfort. No episodes of sudden, massive spasms sending me to the floor, so I think that's progress. One day at a time. I mean, really, I should be okay with this. I was stable enough to manage to very slowly rearrange some furniture and to steam-vac half of one of the two carpets we'd rolled up and stuck in the basement. (remember, "It's a Dry Basement." This time it's going to take more effort to get the mildew/musty smell out of these two carpets we didn't want in the first place)

-I don't care how goofy S thinks she is, Priscilla Patrick is my new BFF.

-Alternately heating and icing is still providing short-term relief, so I guess that it and Priscilla are going to be a regularly-scheduled part of my life for a little while longer, here.

-I suspect I'm going to be getting familiar with the bus commute to campus sooner than I'd expected.

-Also: Wild leg gyrations.

Date: 2018-08-25 11:47 pm (UTC)
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Glad to hear the back is improving!


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