Mar. 20th, 2018 01:32 pm
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The final chapter in SERIOUS Training for Endurance Athletes is the chapter on motivation, which was interesting to read somewhat shortly after conversing a bit with [personal profile] rainswolf about how to motivate oneself to exercise more consistently. (I still love the idea of a motivation journal, with words and pictures as reminders of why to get up and go and exercise)

One element covered in the chapter is how we talk to ourselves in our heads while we are exercising. A component of that involves using key words or phrases that encourage us to keep going and put in a good effort. That makes me think of my friend A's use of "Relentless! Forward! Motion!" for example. I've used this phrase, too, when on brevets (or some variant of "just keep swimming," heh).

In rowing, I'm often working on developing my focus on what I am doing - as the book notes, successful endurance athletes are completely focused on the activity they're engaged in, and tune out extraneous thoughts. I suspect this is similar to meditation. On some occasions it's easier to do than others.

Anyway, I've come to decide that in my fights with this Vespoli 1x, I should focus on the word "Poise," to encourage myself to develop and maintain it as best I can, even through the moments of frustration when I'd much rather blame the oars, the seat, the boat, the wind, the launch wakes. If I can continue to develop poise over the months while I'm in Arizona, I'll have accomplished something that will serve me well in future rowing endeavors.

Date: 2018-03-21 02:14 am (UTC)
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I'm lucky, in that my exercise motivation is my coworkers showing up in my office and saying "ready to go ride?" three to five times a week. It's harder to form that kind of network, as a kind of nomad.


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