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Another article about repair cafes, yay! I like the subheading: "When fixing items is actively discouraged by manufacturers, recycling becomes a political act, say Repair Cafe volunteers"

Some researchers have done stable isotope analyses of bird diets using museum collections that date back over a hundred years, and by doing so identified a drop in the breadth of insects the birds eat. I feel like the comments in this article are a little ridiculous regarding the state of historic insect collections, but I suspect that was a product of taking some comments out of context. For example, the Germans have historically been good about collecting and maintaining meticulous insect collections, which is why there's been more work coming from Germany about insect declines compared to elsewhere. Still, studies like this bird one have an important role to play if they can help get more people thinking about the consequences of global insect population declines.

A Bold, Divisive Plan to Wean Californians from Cars. I thought this was a worthwhile examination of the conversations that surround housing. But it also made me wonder whether some of these urban areas are going to be surpassed by places that aren't up against the same kinds of barriers. Take Denver or Phoenix, for example. In recent history there haven't really been all that many people in Phoenix's urban core to protest against all the higher-density housing that's getting built by developers. That's both good and bad. I still find the vast majority of modern luxury condos or apartments to be hideously ugly and soul-sucking, but at least they're encouraging people to live closer to where they go to school, work, and play.

In other land wars, there are interesting things happening to New Mexico's waterways as they get privatized and closed off by landowners. I am squarely on the side of those who feel that access to waterways should be a public right.

Date: 2018-03-20 02:03 am (UTC)
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We had the waterway privatization battle about 40 years ago, and the state government and the state supreme court came down solidly on waterways being public. I'm a little surprised NM went a different direction. I would have expected this in Utah or Wyoming.


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