Jul. 8th, 2007 04:18 pm
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Jun. 26th, 2007 07:18 am
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Flower Boot

I originally made the boot with the intention of putting flowers or plants in it, although it still looks sculpturally cool when empty. I happen to think that it looks really nice with flowers in it, especially flowers from a certain cute boy. It makes me wonder--how did he learn to be so adorable?

I like to pretend to not be girly at all, but it's really an oversimplification to act like that's who I am. Although I like bikes and fixing things and power tools and being strong and doing things myself, I also like flowers and beautiful things and other people. My own confusion about the subject is probably clearest with respect to door-holding, traditionally an East Coast thing that boys do for girls (but often it's everyone doing it for everyone). People rarely hold doors in Seattle. With some people, I get really defensive about door-holding and have actually turned it into an issue in some cases.
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I skipped crew all of last week. I needed the break on Monday and Tuesday, following some long weekend bike rides. On Wednesday, I was going to go, but as previously mentioned I couldn't even get my socks on, so that was out. And let's just say that spending quality time with a certain boy prevented me from rowing on Friday. Not that I really minded all that much.

I've written a fair amount about how hard it can be to get myself to practice, so this week J said he was determined to make sure I made it. On Monday, I almost made it, but I have to confess that sleeping in felt really, really good and necessary, so I didn't regret it for a minute. Yesterday morning I made it to the gym, which felt good. And this morning J came and biked around the lake while I rowed, which was really nice because that's the most beautiful time of day right now--the sun is just coming up, and it isn't too hot yet. And the water was beautiful and perfectly flat. It was a little bit distracting, but now that I think about it, it's probably good to get used to little distractions because that's kind of what it feels like to race. And I need to learn how to focus. In general I've been just a little distracted these days--even my ceramics instructor noticed on Monday, which was really sweet.

I think about a quotation by George Pocock quite a lot: "Harmony, balance, rhythm. There you have it: that is what life is all about." I'm sure I've mentioned it before because it holds true for the most sublime moments of my life. I don't actually think J functions in quite the same way, and of course I don't even know if he *should* function that way anyway. It's interesting, and somewhat exhausting, but I think it can be worked out.
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Flowers, too?!

Oh dear.


Jun. 8th, 2007 10:01 am
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I love the mornings when I reluctantly drag myself out of bed and want nothing more than to crawl right back in, but then by the middle of rowing practice I hit my stride and feel good about life. It was one of those mornings. I'm extremely grateful for the fact that on at least Fridays there are two other people counting on me to show up (on other days, there's at least one other person, and I don't have his phone number so I can't call him and choose to skip practice).

A secret admirer left a note in the gecko house yesterday:

It's nice (and cute) to see that thing get some use, although it made my brain all bubbly and useless for quite a while (the admirer's not really that secret). I am certain this amuses some of my friends to no end. [Probably one of my favorite parts of all of this is thinking about how ridiculous I always find other people to be when they are in a comparable infatuatory state, and trying to figure out how ridiculous I must be as well, but then I stop caring, which is clearly a side effect of the malaise.] I really have no idea what I'm getting myself into here, but that's never stopped me before, now has it?
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peach cobbler makes it all just that much better.

ABB gave me a bike bell as a thank-you for the chance to play with ants. And now he's off to the Pacific Northwest.

On a related note: boys. They make life so confusing.

Oh well.
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*takes deep breath*

Whenever I don't have time to update, it's mostly because I'm way too busy running around and actually doing things IRL. Novel concept, eh?

So I think purely for the sake of brevity, I'll try to keep this short and sweet. Yes, this is the short version.

-Saw Ant-Bike Boy while riding my bike to the grocery store. I forgot to jingle my bike bell at him.
-Guy at the grocery store had one of the coolest tattoos I have ever seen: an aerial TV antenna on the inside of his forearm.

Phoenix Art museum with [livejournal.com profile] hexasketch: The Phoenix Art Museum recently had a huge Rembrandt show, which I did not attend. Now they have a large car show, which we did not attend (one of the cars was in the entryway and apparently embodied the designers' slogan of "Simplicate.Add lightness."). We almost got into the museum for free (or so we thought) until one of the guards informed us that we had come in through the wrong entrance and the tags she gave us were an indicator that we hadn't paid. Drat to that, but I don't really mind paying admission to art museums. The PAM recently opened a whole new wing dedicated to Modern Art, which appears to mean Contemporary Art (for which I'm grateful). The space is pretty nice, and one of the biggest highlights was artwork by five comic book artists. I love art that relies on simple tools but complex creativity. So inspiring (especially considering the complex tools available to me). Oh, there was also an exhibit of fully furnished miniature rooms from different places and eras, and a few other neat pieces. The PAM verges on being too big, but we were prevented from lingering too long by its closing.

Swing dancing: On Saturday, J and I went swing dancing. I have a very large personal bubble and a hard time touching people (sometimes I feel like I walk around with a Don't Touch Me sign hanging around my neck), so part of my motivation in going dancing was to push myself to get over that phobia (oh, and incidentally I also like swing dancing). The people at the swing dancing place were all incredibly nice, and there were a lot of fantastic dancers who were gracious enough to put up with a noob. I'm going to drag [livejournal.com profile] figment80 along with me next time. J and I hung out for a while afterwards, but then I had to go to sleep so I could get up to go:

Biking: Yesterday morning, K, M and I biked over to South Mountain. We rode up to the TV towers, then out along the San Juan road, then back up. So now I am a double-tower veteran. M occasionally tells us stories about insane bikers who like to go up to the top multiple times--he knows a guy who, for his fortieth birthday, rode his bike up to the summit 8 times in a row. Seriously crazy. We stopped for breakfast at Spokes afterwards, and then the bike ride home was a slow affair. The ride knocked me out for the rest of the day, although I managed to make it to the lab to take care of the ants. Today my legs are feeling the consequences. I definitely feel better prepared for a certain Seattle-to-Portland expedition now.
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So today I spent some time taking care of my poor bike, which I have neither cleaned nor lubricated for approximately 4 months (bad Rebecca! Shame on you!). When I finished, I decided it was time to take care of some other maintenance things that needed attention--such as the replacement of my back tire, which acquired a large, menacing slash that was just waiting to turn into a horribly inconvenient flat tire. So I traipsed over to my favorite bike shop around the corner and the first person I saw was none other than Cute Bike Shop Boy himself (who is married, by the way). He was friendly and helpful and helped me find a replacement tire and some good clipless pedals (I haven't put them on quite yet because yikes! Clipless pedals!), and then we chatted for a bit about holiday travels (I had seen him a bit before I left for Australia and mentioned that I was going on a trip/etc.). And then, THEN, my friends, he tells me that another biker dude who works at that shop part-time is really interested in ants and that we should meet (he was in the store at the time, but things were a bit too busy so I told him to grab me at some other time when they aren't as busy). So, yeah. Awesome Plus Ten. Slowly, I make my inroads towards finding a nice, tall biker boy (even if Bike Shop Boy #2 isn't available, he's still a contact, right?). Heh heh heh...I'll have to invite him to visit our lab.
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Talking to [livejournal.com profile] jwatriss always cheers me up. J, you're the best.


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