Mar. 5th, 2017

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It makes me inordinately happy anytime I encounter a well-made item, and by now these socks have been adequately tested to the point where I am willing to declare allegiance. I'd like to feel this way about Smartwool socks, but those are definitely second.

The trouble with the rise in popularity of novelty socks has been a marked decline in quality and durability, which is highly aggravating.

Now. What is the pants equivalent for Darn Tough socks? I'm getting really close to just giving up and sewing my own. I have liked certain styles of Lee slacks, but they also jump between shoddy manufacturers too much. I had a pair of thrifted Dockers that were adequately substantial, but aren't manufactured anymore.

Clothing is such a crazy hassle in this country, to the point where I start thinking maybe I should just go to Australia or something to pick up a lifetime supply.  We need a Slow Fabric Movement.


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