Feb. 10th, 2017

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Sometimes the inability to sleep becomes laughably terrible.

I think I've inherited some form of my father's nocturnal myoclonus, which is similar to restless leg syndrome, where a person has leg twitches at night but without the urge to move the legs. In my case, that urge to move the legs is highly present, and certain postures bring on that urge even during the daytime. It feels like an internal itching sensation. This has been going on for long enough that I call the feeling "crazylegs." I'm pretty sure it has something to do with how my nerve fibers are situated within the lower back and pelvis, and what the surrounding muscles are up to.

In this specific case: yesterday morning, I got in one rowing lap on the water and then decided rowing wasn't a productive use of my time because of how rough and windy things were, so instead I jumped on the erg and did two VO2max-type pieces: 1k hard, then 2k at my marathon pace. I stretched afterwords, but to some extent I think this workout shocked my muscles, and I didn't do any pigeon pose, which has been a tremendously useful deep hip/glut stretch. So then I think my muscles spent the rest of the day and evening in a weird state, which translated into crazylegs when I tried to sleep.

And that's just factor 1. I got up at about 11:45 pm and did some pigeon pose, then lay on the couch for a while, drowsing in and out of consciousness.

Lately, Emma has been taking to crying kind of randomly in the middle of the night. Usually she can be convinced to stop via application of a squirt gun or squirt bottle, but at the moment we're only midway through the process of re-persuading her.

I also suspect that the start of the spring bloom is triggering allergy-related insomnia. And life stressors don't help ("What am I doing with my life?!").

Oh well.


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