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My office has a wonderful deep windowsill - the kind where I'm half tempted to try and turn it into a window seat (although that would require some widening). More realistically, I might just get some nice houseplants for the windowsill, sometime when I'm not trying to prepare for the next semester. In the meantime, from my desk the window provides a nice view of the tree tops across the parking lot.

Every once and a while, when I look out, I see something cool. You won't be able to tell from these photos, but this is a red-tailed hawk (above and to the left of a nest of some sort):

Bad Birder #1

Bad Birder #2

Here are clouds and rainbows through the window, from last fall:

Post-rainbow clouds

Double rainbow as seen from the office window

Judging by today's swaying treetops, it's windy out there.

Date: 2019-01-10 01:42 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] randomdreams
Those are some beautiful clouds.
I love being overseen by hawks. I had an owl yelling at me just after dusk when I was out walking tonight.


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