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Yesterday at New Faculty Orientation (yup) they took photos for press releases/etc.

This morning I finally made it in for the haircut I was originally going to get last Friday before my back blew out.

Oh well.

We're gradually getting things into their places around the house. For example, I finally figured out that the cat would probably like to have a sleeping space in the bedroom. She often likes to be in the same room, even if she isn't in direct contact with someone (because I often move around too much, which annoys her).

Sunbeam nap

Sunbeam nap


Her fancy cat tree is now in front of a window in the dining room. She has the coffee table, a footstool, and the blue box-thing in the living room, and a chair with a cushion on it in the back bedroom (my home office and the future guest room). She also loves carpets, lucky cat, and in Grandma House they're giving her a good runway for running back and forth.

After I got my hair cut, I stopped by the bike shop to see whether the Jolly Roger was ready to be picked up. I got my answer before I could even ask the question:

Seatpost extraction in progress

Seatpost extraction in progress

The valiant mechanic working on this has progressed to the stage where he has hacksawed his way down/along the seatpost, and will now work to remove what shrapnel he's able to extract. A "delicate hammering" sort of task. He said if today wound up being a slow day he might have it done by the end of the day, but I told him I'm not in a huge hurry and would just wait until they gave me a call.

I should probably bring in a couple of reflective skulls-and-crossbones as a thank-you in addition to paying them a respectable amount for their work.

Date: 2018-08-30 02:30 am (UTC)
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I've been in that situation. Man, is it difficult.


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