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-The duct tape over the recycling slots was removed. As evidence, I observed the careful duct tape shapes taped to the wall next to the recycling. So maybe they're able to collect recyclables when traveling on one direction but not the other, or maybe some crews are more willing to deal with sorting the recycling than other crews.

-Seats towards the end of the car seem much more bouncy than seats in the middle of the car. On the train ride out, things felt pretty smooth when I was sitting near the central stairwell. On our return trip, we were seated in seats 3 and 4, at the very end without a footrest or tray table. We eventually figured out a configuration that let us sleep (to the degree possible) where [personal profile] scrottie curled up on the seats while I stretched out on the floor.

-I only got mooned once while traveling along the Colorado River.

-As usual, the scenery along the California Zephyr route was absolutely fabulous. I saw lots of deer and a couple of jackrabbits, and plenty of trees and train tunnels.


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