Feb. 6th, 2017

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I went to register for the Desert Sprints Regatta in Arizona just now, and discovered that this year I've moved up from the Master's A category to Master's B.

It's a small comfort during one of those periods when I'm not entirely sure how I feel about getting older or where I am in my life.

It was just Iz and myself at the boathouse this morning. So far, this week's rain is falling as a fine mist, not quite heavy enough to qualify as Seattle drizzle, but damp enough to require rain gear for bicycling. I was comforted to see that Iz also sometimes looks at the weather and water and decides to just erg instead.

The Rainlegs kept my pants fairly dry for the bike ride to campus. I still need to work on making some cycling gaiters. REI only had those skin-tight things for roadies, or hiking/skiing gaiters that don't cover the toes. A depressing proportion of the clothing for sale at REI was made out of polyester. I find polyester almost worse than useless.


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