Jan. 22nd, 2017

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[Women's March, Oakland: Proud to be part of the 60,000-strong crowd. Hoping that marching will translate into positive political action.]

So. On Thursday, I got a phone call about that bed that I purchased last Sunday: when would I like it delivered? Friday at 6 pm. Not only did an employee deliver the bed, he also assembled and installed everything. We are still getting used to not sleeping on the floor anymore. Maybe it's frivolous, but I'm relieved that I no longer have to argue with the edge of the futon whenever I sweep. I also really like my corner next to the bed, which also features the recently refinished sewing machine cabinet:

New Arrangement


Today was the annual meeting for the Berkeley Paddling and Rowing Club. My one-year anniversary for rowing here! It was great to hear about the projects from 2016 and plans for 2017. My goal for 2016 had been membership in the Century Club, which I'd learned about at the prior annual meeting. All it required was 100 visits to the boathouse to use the gym and boats.

I wound up making exactly 100 visits. Maybe it's better that I didn't know that at the time, one way or another. Still, I'm pleased.

Card-carrying century club member

I have higher expectations for 2017, although I'll admit things have been a struggle with how much rain we've been getting.


I consulted the internet on how to bust open coconuts. David Lebovitz said to use the backside of a cleaver to crack it open.

I guess I was a bit too late with the coconut I picked up from the BAP. Oh well.

End of the coconut


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