Mar. 17th, 2017

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One of the biggest things that rowing has taught me is that if you become focused on the negative ("Don't look at the bottom of the boat, don't be late to the catch, don't sky your blade"), you will have a hard time making constructive changes to your rowing. When I am rowing, so much of my energy is devoted to physical movement that it can become challenging to process auditory information, and what winds up happening to many people is they wind up hearing "____ look at the bottom of the boat, ____ be late to the catch, ___ sky your blade."

Instead, effective coaches focus on the positive change they are trying to promote. Instead of "Don't slouch," they say, "Sit up tall." Et cetera.

This is something I have a hard time dealing with in the current political climate. Many people are having strong reactions to all of the proposals for radical changes that are spewing out of the big house in Washington, DC. Yes, we'd like to put on the brakes. But what do we have to offer instead as an alternative? This is just as important, if not more important, than shooting stuff down. There need to be constructive visions for change. Policies and platforms.

Here, for instance, is a proposed idea that California take the lead on single-payer health care.

Where do you see evidence of strong voices pushing for positive action?


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