Mar. 8th, 2017

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To follow up on yesterday's post, today, a brief musing: if you were to rebuild an internet, what would you want to include? Basically, what would you save, and what would it look like? I do think [ profile] thewronghands is right to point to what happens in disaster areas immediately following a disaster.

Something like Wikipedia seems like a keeper. I could also see a return to stripped-down communication forms like listservs and blogs. I'm sure that "I'm okay" and "Hi, how are you? What are you doing?" are the kinds of things that people would routinely return to.

We all also seem to want some version of news of the broader world, but we sure have an awful time of figuring out how to get it in appropriate forms and doses.

What would happen to photographs? I really hate how places have latched onto the fact that we humans respond positively to photographs and previews. I also hate communication forms that try to internalize their users (I'm looking at you, Book of Face).

What about microfinance?

What do you think?


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