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Spending so much time around other people has a way of jamming up my internal monologue. We've been enjoying a series of mini-adventures, so hopefully once I have a chance to catch my breath I'll manage to blog more about them.

Let's see:

Tuesday: arrived, Christmas shenanigans with family, walked around the Arboretum a bit
Wednesday: downtown Seattle to check out a library book, then over to the Center for Wooden Boats to see about sailing possibilities in the wintertime (outcome: weekend sails a distinct possibility!)
Thursday: Cafe Allegro to work on a manuscript review (mercifully a straightforward one), then dinner with [personal profile] annikusrex (yay!)
Friday: thrift-shopping for a bridesmaid's dress for [personal profile] sytharin's wedding on MLK weekend, then holiday burlesque show at the Triple Door
Saturday: Sailing at the Center for Wooden Boats before it got rather rainy, then walked all over downtown shopping for a belated Christmas gift for my aunt
Today: ??

Tempering my enjoyment is an ongoing sense of panic about syllabi for the spring semester, plus a desire to stay on top of rowing-related matters.


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