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I don't like to post about politics, but I found this NYT article about people blaming the "deep state" fascinating. Makes my head spin a little.

But here I go again with another political item: I hope these climate-focused platforms continue to build steam.

Outcomes from DNA tests can cause self-fulfilling prophecies. Does this surprise you? I want to share this with my students, but that's a slippery slope because I keep encountering way too many articles that are relevant to our course. I think I have to just trust that they'll encounter this stuff on their own. (most of them won't, but let's pretend they will)

While at ASU this past spring I was really pleased to see a number of more environmentally-friendly lab practices happening that weren't happening when I was there as a grad student. Working to reduce plastic waste in the lab is one of the harder changes to make, so it's good to see how-to articles on this topic appear. But a funny thing on this front: I can remember going to Costa Rica a good 15 years ago to do field biology for the first time, being surprised and a little shocked by differences in attitudes and habits about supposedly disposable lab items. Oh, not everything has to get thrown away after a single use after all? A lot of supplies that American scientists take for granted as cheap and disposable can be really hard to get in other countries. So in some ways a return to lower levels of plastic waste is simply a return to how science has been done for a long time in many places, and in my mind how it SHOULD be done. It also teaches people to be better scientists if they have to think about the chemistry and biology of the materials they're working with, all the way through the process.

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What if every time you found a relevant article you posted it in a google doc (or a blackboard doc if that's what y'all use?) and then sent out an email letting them know about the resource of additional information if they want to learn more outside class/beyond the end of the semester?


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