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Photos from my office window last week:


Double rainbow as seen from the office window

Post-rainbow clouds

This morning I had to suit up for the ride in to campus, and did a pretty good job except that I really should have worn those new rainboots again, instead of wearing these leather shoes that just aren't waterproof.

To try and cheer myself up, I tried to come up with a good song to sing to myself while I rode. The first song that popped into my head was "Let It Snow," which mostly just served to remind me of how much I dislike Frank Sinatra (sorry, Sinatra fans!). I decided that Sinatra irritates me in the same way that reggae irritates me. (Also nothing against all of you who enjoy reggae, it's just not for me!). Also I'm not sure that "Let It Snow" is quite the right song for these weather conditions, either. It's too soon for that!

At an Albany Bike Coalition meeting last Thursday, one fellow cyclist said, "You know, the worst thing about winters out how much people complain about winter!" Meanwhile, another cyclist asked me twice whether I liked to cross-country ski.

So, back to work.


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