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Nov. 10th, 2015 10:05 am
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[ profile] bluepapercup gifted me a copy of this book about George Pocock, which recently got republished, and I finally finished reading it last night. If you read The Boys in the Boat, you may realize why it makes sense to take a more in-depth look at Pocock's life. Brown only has enough space to talk about several of the highlights that led to Pocock's relocation to Seattle and establishment of his boat-building enterprise there.

More than anything, I appreciated Pocock's evocative descriptions of good rowing, and emphasis on expert craftsmanship. This is a book that belongs on any rowing bookshelf.

I'm not entirely looking forward to the next books in the stack. There are two books on getting jobs, on loan from a friend, that I need to deal with and return to the friend (I've had them for about a year now). There are also two older academic books on insect migration, and a book on coxing written by a rower/coxswain I know. Altogether, things that I should give their due, but not things that are exactly pleasant to pick up and work through.

I'm also finally down to around 6 more issues of the New Yorker from 2012. So much of the material remains surprisingly topical.
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