May. 9th, 2017

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Yesterday, I encountered a series of headlines:

To life growth, Janey Yellen says make it easier for women to work.

Then, The meaning of life in a world without work. [Note: when I later tried to relocate this article, I discovered that it's a popular subject to speculate on; the speculations actually date back to an era when people also speculated on further shortening of the workday]

But then, you know, The gig economy celebrates working yourself to death.

Also, I really cannot imagine robots completely replacing human beings across all forms of work. Certain lines of industry are going to persist, and they aren't especially glamorous because they require, well, work. And then, how can the people engaged in that work - labor, really - be expected to support this mysterious class of people who don't work?

This is already going on, of course.

I still don't know what to do with Janey Yellen's assertions.

Also, here's an interesting blurb about the history of employer-provided health insurance, in case you hadn't seen it and were interested.


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