Apr. 17th, 2017

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[livejournal.com profile] sytharin, L, and I went on a quest to see some of the California super bloom over the weekend. We hit up a lot of different destinations: Pinnacles National Park (amazing hike through talus caves), San Luis Obispo (sleep-stop), Carrizo Plain National Monument, Montanas de Oro State Park, and Morro Bay. I took a few photos, which you can view if you click to my photostream, starting here. L had his appendix out last Monday evening, but still managed to hike and scramble through the cave.

I still owe you a proper write-up about the Open Water Rowing Club Regatta, too. I haven't forgotten.

Work has been even more cacophonous than usual, this past week. Mostly it's just a busy time of the semester, as the grad students prepare for their second-year oral comprehensive exams, and undergrads work on wrapping up various projects.

I forgot to register for the Covered Bridge Regatta in time. It would have been this upcoming weekend, in Eugene, OR. Instead, I'll march for science, as I should.


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