Apr. 9th, 2017

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Notes to self and reflections for racing:

That was not an easy race again (Desert Sprints being the last ...interesting... one). Too much talking and futzing heading to the starting line left me feeling unfocused. I stuck us too far in the middle of the pack for a 6-boat mass-start. We wound up spending the first straightaway jockeying with three other boats, and got stuck behind everyone at the first turn around Cone Rock. M kept on turning around to look for herself, which makes me think we should switch seats and she can be bow and make all the steering decisions for a while. IF I can manage to do a decent job of setting stroke length, stroke rate, and recovery speed.

I'm finding it hard to make snap decisions in the middle of the race about how to move around other boats. Do I need to be more ruthless, and just hold my course and yell at other boats to move out of the way? Or do I need to just decide to go around, set my course, and get the business done with? It's admittedly hard to do this on a long (10k) course that's unfamiliar. And altogether, I actually did a reasonable job of steering us whenever we weren't fighting with other boats for position.

How do I hold on to or regain an effective stroke if early segments are shot due to nerves? More high-quality time on the water, I suspect.

I feel like I'm missing a certain level of poise/body control, and I don't quite know how to get it. I may need to erg with a mirror for a while, and I absolutely need to stay on top of strength training. I would like to have a sense of grace when I race, and it isn't there right now.


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