Apr. 3rd, 2017

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When I got to the boathouse gym this morning, I discovered that a piece of equipment I never use had been moved to another space outside. Its removal freed up a section of wall that's invaluable to me. I use that bit of wall to brace my feet while doing shoulder exercises on an exercise ball (to me, those balls will forever be Swiss physical therapy balls). Previously, I'd been trying to brace my feet against the piece of equipment, but it wasn't ideal.

The extra wall space inspired me to start adding this exercise back into my routine. It's really great for building shoulder stability and strength, which are crucial for preventing repetitive-use rowing injuries.

I also want to get even better at one-legged squats. They're a fast way to notice and work on correcting bilateral strength imbalances. I also feel like they're good for facilitating long-term mobility. As evidence: the notorious RBG does them.

I still need to figure out how to add a second strength workout into my weekly agenda. Maybe if I study crickets hard enough, I can figure out how to use them to bend the space-time continuum.


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