Mar. 29th, 2017

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Riding up slowly
Makes time for observations
Behold! Citrus arch.

Seen along Cedar St, Berkeley
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I got a call from my storage unit in Stockton yesterday, where the caller said they noticed I did not have a lock on my unit, so they installed one for me and would happily add that fee to my monthly rent.

I said a few harsh words. Between this and [ profile] scrottie's debacle, I'm just about ready to give up on trying to store anything out here. I suspect the Phoenix area is just as bad. Regardless, I'll drive out there on Friday to take a look at things, switch businesses (assuming there's enough stuff left to justify it), and leave a detailed Yelp review. Based on S's experience, it doesn't even necessarily help to check reviews and crime reports because the police out here are busy dealing with all kinds of other problems.

I feel like people living in other parts of the country really have a hard time understanding these aspects of living out here.

But really, life is fragile everywhere. On Monday, a cousin of mine was out riding horses when her horse shied (or as my mom put it, spooked) and threw her off. She hit the back of her head and died from the traumatic brain injury.

I have 55 cousins on that side of the family, so I don't know all of them especially well, but certain events have made me appreciate that this particular cousin didn't have an especially easy life. Despite it, she put so much energy into loving and caring for the people around her, and it's crushing to think she's gone. I feel for her kids, who are all around my age. It could happen to anyone.


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