Feb. 22nd, 2017

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I need to read through the ingredients list when I have more time. This uses zinc oxide and titanium dioxide for sun protection, which probably also explains why it felt pretty thick going on.

Instead of bike commuting, I drove the rental car to San Francisco to drop it off, spending 1.5 hours wondering why there aren't better alternatives to driving over the Bay Bridge, and why so many people compulsively lane-change left and right. Also wondering how much air pollution is generated and fuel is wasted by this traffic congestion nightmare. The toll should be bumped up to $20 per vehicle.

So far, I'm experiencing less of the burning feeling that returned after the aloe seemed to wear off yesterday. I guess I'm kind of trying to walk a tightrope here, between soothing irritated skin and winding up with a greasy face. I generally don't know whether I've avoided the grease until later in the afternoon.
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Do you ever have that feeling of, "Get a grip, self!!"


Today is the second day of enzyme assays. Last Wednesday was the previous one. In theory, it would be nice to get other work done while B does the actual assays, but I'm terrible at working on tasks that require concentration when I'm at risk of interruptions every 20-30 minutes.

A writing retreat would be nice.


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