Jan. 26th, 2017

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Strange dreams last night, a permutation of the "house-dream" I occasionally have. [livejournal.com profile] scrottie and I were in a house somewhere in Enumclaw close to my grandpa's old house (but it was not the Weston Family Farmstead - closer to a cross between Grandpa's house and a trailer home). We were trying to get packed up for a bike trip, except more stuff to be packed kept appearing, such that even our bike trailers were overflowing. I eventually convinced S that we could leave some things behind because we weren't going to use them while out on our trip (e.g. enormous couch cushions). We'd be returning to our starting place at the end of the trip anyway. Somewhere in the midst of things, my aunt C showed up, accompanied by some cute young nieceling, carrying a tray of fresh-baked cupcakes. We couldn't refuse or we'd risk hurting the feelings of the young girl, even though I was getting really tired of all the sugary goods. Some time shortly after that, my grandpa appeared, although he was much taller and stronger than I ever remember him in real life. He walked over to the edge of the property to spend some time looking up wistfully at his old barn.


I had to fight myself a bit to get out of bed this morning, but that old trick of thinking through whether I'd regret it worked to get me out of the house eventually. Iz was at the boathouse, but got a head start on me. Somehow I managed to convince myself to take a crack at a 5k piece.

And now it's time to buckle down and work.


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