Jan. 25th, 2017

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A friend of mine shared a link to this critical thinking skills cheat-sheet infographic on some other social media website. It made me think about essay-writing prompts. I can often think to ask a subset of the listed questions, but I can see value in seeing a more comprehensive list of compiled questions. Learning to ask good questions is a crucial skill.

It might also provide some alternative context for the main types of questions that get addressed through the process of hypothetico-deductive reasoning (causal questions - 'why' or 'how' mechanistic questions that follow upon observation of some phenomenon).

It was also refreshing as a follow-up to a lot of the concern about peoples' inability to distinguish fake from real news.

And also as an antidote to a lot of the raging and hysteria on social media at the moment. I keep on getting sucked in and distracted from work, and then I get mad at myself because most of the free forms of social media are trying so hard to buy my attention span and I'm giving in.

In contrast, I've been reasonably satisfied with the New York Times daily inbox digest. But I am thinking I'd also like to focus on a more local news source as well, with my usual objections against anything owned by the New Times.


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